Roughstock Riders

Novice Pro Agreement:


You may ask what is this agreement? Last year 4 association's agreed to try and support young cowboys that are wanting to rodeo in both the CPRA novice and in Semipro rodeos. The association's include the CPRA, WRA, LRA, BCRA. How it works is if you are competing in one of the three semi pro  associations  in the open roughstock events and also hold a CPRA NOVICE card. The money won at your semi pro rodeos will count for the year end standings in both the mother semi pro association as well as the cpra novice standings.  You must have a membership in the cpra and the semipro association that you compete at before your winnings will count for the standings.


EXAMPLE : Let's say  that you are a bareback rider and you enter Medicine Lodge WRA rodeo. You win the rodeo and it pays you $1,000.00 that money will be added to your CPRA  novice standings.


There is alot of money to be won at the semipro rodeos. This gives you the opportunity to hit lots of rodeos and all your winnings will accumulate in the cpra novice standings . This is a huge opportunity for young cowboys .  Contact these association's  for more information.  These events start in March for the WRA so now is the time to get started.