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Lakeland College Rodeo is committed to giving the students every opportunity to succeed in the rodeo arena while they continue their post-secondary education. Since 1969, Lakeland has had a strong rodeo program, with an on-going commitment to improving the program and its facilities. Students are offered practice four nights a week in a heated indoor arena, as well as arena time mornings and weekends, schedule permitting. Practices are organized so committed team and club members are given all the resources needed to excel.

Over 80 student horses are kept on campus within walking distance of practice facilities. Hay is available to feed free-choice to horses by the owner. There is also a rodeo barn with 12 box stalls and 22 tie stalls that can be used by students during the winter months. The outdoor arena is located next to the indoor arena and used for practices and general riding during the months of September, October and April.

Over $10,000 in scholarships are given out each year to current and prospective rodeo students. Some of the scholarships are awarded to enrolling students in April of each year and others are awarded to students who are enrolled in a program and are coming back for another year. Scholarships are given to students who are competitive in two or more events, students who show strong leadership skills and students who exhibit excellent sportsmanship. Also serious consideration will be given to students who have proven rodeo accomplishments, such as high school rodeo, amateur rodeo or professional rodeo championships.

The most valued characteristic in a Lakeland Rodeo athlete is sportsmanship and commitment.  Lakeland is committed to a team environment; students also work together to help each other in practices and events that the Rodeo Team produces throughout the year. Lakeland’s rodeo athletes are also committed to good citizenship within the community and college, community involvement and respect, and a dedication to advancing the sport of rodeo.

Head coach: Ashley Watt

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